Regulation Room

RegulationRoom was the original application of the SmartParticipation platform, developed and used in the setting of notice-and-comment rulemaking by federal agencies. In the complex policy environment of new federal safety and consumer protection regulations, RegulationRoom enabled historically silent stakeholder groups to participate effectively in six actual rulemakings. Rulemakers and participants both agreed that the agency got better and more complete information about the problems it was trying to solve, while participants got a better understanding of the process, the competing interests, and the agency’s objectives.

At Regulation Room, I led the design process for both the public-facing user interface and the admin dashboard for moderators, ensuring a seamless user experience. My workflow began with creating wireframes that were tested with users and conducting interviews with both users and moderators to gather feedback and make necessary improvements. Once the wireframes were validated, I created visual designs and implemented them in the front-end. In addition, I created a custom Drupal theme for this particular project, which was then integrated by back-end developers to provide the necessary functionality and database integration.

Below are some examples of the wireframes and visuals that I created for the project:

Throughout the design process, I ensured that the user interface was intuitive and easy to navigate, while also maintaining a visually appealing and consistent design. The admin dashboard for moderators was designed to provide a streamlined experience for managing user feedback and engaging with the community. By collaborating with the development team and stakeholders, I helped to bring the Regulation Room project to life and create an engaging platform for public participation in regulatory rulemaking.