VIVO is an open-source semantic web tool for research discovery. Its platform allows users to easily find and connect with researchers and their work across all disciplines. VIVO supports various features, including editing, searching, browsing, and visualizing research activity. With our faceted search results, you can quickly and easily retrieve the information you need.

A few examples of logos that were designed for the VIVO project. 

I created a visual identity book for the project, which initially involved seven institutions. Ensuring visual consistency across all of these institutions was crucial.

I designed various landing pages for different projects within VIVO, each with its own unique visual style and elements.

Visual created for the VIVO Github project including repo’s projects for VIO, VITRO, VIVO harvester, and VIVO Search apps.

Below, I have included some examples of the features that I developed for the project, such as individual display, custom form samples, proxy self-editor, menu and account management.

User flow for the ontology class editor that included several functions, such as creating, describing, and adding expressions to classes

As part of the VIVO project, we developed a custom-based theme called Wilma, which institutions could utilize or modify to create their own themes by updating the parent theme. In my role on the project, I was responsible for UI design and front-end development, including creating the visual elements, defining the layout, and implementing accessible designs. Throughout the development process, I worked closely with the development team to ensure that the design met functional requirements and that the front-end code was adequately integrated with the back-end. The samples below include: homepage, people, and individual detailed, pages

Here is an example of an institution, such as Cornell, utilizing the Wilma theme and customizing it to meet their specific needs. Other academic institutions using VIVO are: Cornell Weill, Standford Medicie, University of Illinois, University of Colorado Boulder, etc

Displayed below is the homepage for a Vitro instance, a customizable, web-based ontology and instance editor. Vitro runs as a Java web application within a servlet container. As part of the project, I was responsible for designing and implementing the UI, visual design, and front-end.

Visuals for the VIVO Search app, which is an application that was created to enable users to search and find expertise across multiple VIVO instances. This app was developed with the goal of making it easier for users to discover relevant research and expertise by searching across multiple VIVO-based systems simultaneously. To accomplish this goal, I created a user interface that featured a clean and modern design, with a focus on ease-of-use and intuitiveness. The visuals of the VIVO Search app were intended to convey the app’s purpose and functionality in a way that would be easy for users to understand, while also being visually appealing and engaging. Through the use of clear typography, well-organized layouts, and intuitive navigational elements, I aimed to create an application that was both functional and aesthetically pleasing.