As healthcare costs continue to rise, more consumers are looking for ways to educate themselves online about their health-related issues. This is especially true for those seeking natural treatments or complementary therapies. However, finding trustworthy and reputable health information sites can be challenging, leading to frustration and confusion for these consumers.

  • ROLE: Lead UX/UI and Front-End Development
  • YEAR: 2020


Pruve is a digital platform that provides a trusted resource for finding information on complementary and alternative therapies, supplements, and dietary recommendations for specific conditions. Our platform is designed to provide users with access to alternative treatments and their ratings in an easy, clean, and intuitive way. Through our research studies, doctor and researcher reviews, and comments from other users, Pruve is the go-to source for natural health information.


To ensure that Pruve provides the most user-friendly experience possible, I’ve created user flows and wireframes that prioritize accessibility and intuitive design. The platform is designed to make it easy for users to search for a particular condition and receive recommended alternative treatments. I’ve also created a user-friendly interface for researchers to submit treatments, ensuring that our database is always up-to-date and comprehensive.


It was crucial that the visual identity reflected our core values. The original logo featured two colors, purple and brown, with purple evoking feelings of devotion and ambition. These values align well with Pruve’s mission of tracking and improving health with alternative treatments. To expand on this color scheme, I decided to incorporate blue and green, representing kindness and optimal well-being, respectively. By blending these colors, I established a primary color scheme that reflects our core values.

When it came to typography, I wanted to use a font pair that would convey a sense of trust and respect to our audience. I chose Merriweather as our serif font, as it’s associated with classic elegance and sophistication. This font adds a touch of refinement to our platform and helps to establish Pruve as a trusted resource. To complement Merriweather, I chose Raleway as our sans-serif font. Raleway is associated with modernity, tech-focus, and trust, making it an ideal choice for our platform. Its excellent readability and accessibility also make it a perfect choice for our users.

In summary, the visual identity of Pruve was designed to align with the core values and convey a sense of trust and respect to our audience. By choosing colors and fonts that resonate with our users, we’re building a platform that’s not only trustworthy but also user-friendly and accessible.


Above, you can see a few samples of key pages for mobile and desktop devices for the Pruve platform. These pages were designed to prioritize accessibility, readability, and ease-of-use.

The mobile pages include the homepage, interior, and rating treatment pages. The homepage introduces the site and its purpose with a collage of images that present the concept of alternative treatment. We’ve placed a prominent search function to make it easy for users to start finding alternative treatments for their conditions. The interior pages provide more detailed information on specific treatments and conditions, and the rating treatment pages provide user-generated ratings and reviews on specific treatments. 

Below you can see a few key pages for desktop devices.